Small Pieces

“Small pieces” are sometimes small enough to be crafted from a single block of wood. Others are complex, milled and joined with the highest precision. Many of these are unique, others are staples of our shop.

Our phone / tablet stands are cut from interesting blanks on the band and table saw, then sanded, polished, and finished to brings out the wonderful figuring in the wood. Some produce a wonderful flame-like design visible on both the bottom and top of the finished piece. Similarly, the small boxes you see here are cut from a single block of pine inlaid with various hardwoods.

Our small cabinets are suitable for spices or other small items. Each is about 15″ high and 12″wide with a true frame and panel door. These are generally constructed of maple with a variety of contrasting wood for the panel and accents.

Other one-of-a-kind items include our cribbage boards, custom boxes, picture frames and sundials.