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Setting up Shop

Though I have been working with wood and metal since I was able to swing a hammer, it was some twenty years ago that I began to acquire the tools and skills necessary for cabinetry and furniture making. I made a few pieces back then, notably some kitchen cabinets, but life took over and the tools sat dormant for a decade or so.

The Shop on Day 1Recently, though, space and time permitted me to set up shop once again. I cleaned the layer of patina from the table saw and jointer, added a few new tools (notably a band saw and a far-more-useful-than expected miter saw), and built a few workbenches. Hand planes and chisels—not yet antiques—have been sharpened and placed within easy reach.

The first project, of course, was organizing the shop, utilizing the space I have while creating an easy workflow. The table saw is the centerpiece of the workspace, located near a roll-up door to accommodate long workpieces and equipped with a large outfeed table so I can work safely without an assistant. An auxiliary workbench at the back of the shop sits near the band saw and drill press. A planer and jointer fill in the open space, with plenty of room to work on both sides of these machines.

As I got the tools in position and began to set them up, I took on some smaller projects: refurbishing some old adirondack chairs, repairing household items and creating some small pieces, like these phone stands. More complex pieces are in the works

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